Friday, December 16, 2011

Little Earl's Fun New Wave Surprises

I love punk. But I love New Wave more. New Wave is like punk with all the good stuff thrown back in.

They're basically the same genre, when it comes down to it. You can't talk about New Wave without talking about punk. But I am going to try.

I could not adequately discuss the cultural significance and musical legacy of punk without dedicating several blogs to the topic. Instead, I am just going to post this link:

Hell, while I'm at it, let's do the same thing for New Wave:

Now let me bring you up to speed with some videos:

The moral of the story is, soon punk hit the '80s. In my opinion, any '70s punk band who still tried to play punk in the '80s didn't really get it. The point of punk wasn't to play fast, two minute songs with shitty sound quality. The point of punk was to do whatever the hell you wanted to do. And what's more punk than totally selling out? Exactly.

There was a lot I already thought I knew about '80s New Wave. But thanks to The Pitchfork 500, I suddenly made some shocking new discoveries. No, this isn't the last you've heard of Cosby Rock. But please join me, if you will, on a journey I would like to call "Little Earl's Fun New Wave Surprises."


Herr Zrbo said...

I was waiting for the inevitable transition to 'Cosby Pop', like Billy Ocean and early Bobby Brown.

Little Earl said...

Never fear, one day Cosby Rock will rise again. I see some Pointer Sisters, some Debarge, maybe a little 80s Stevie Wonder ... but Cosby Rock is a dish better served in portions. Bobby Brown is more like Urkel Rock.