Monday, September 19, 2011

Yacht Rock: Episode 11

Apparently, by Episode 10, Yacht Rock had become quite the hip little show - hip enough to bask in some genuine celebrity cameos. Drew Carey and Sara Silverman made guest appearances alongside Hollywood Steve. Episode 11 even features Jason Lee as Kevin Bacon, and what appears to be The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac as James Ingram (!).

You see, while Kenny Loggins was on the phone with Michael McDonald, he was eating an apple, so when he told McDonald, "I'll be there in fifteen minutes," it came out sounding like "Yah mo b there in fifteen minutes."

A notorious song title was born.

Likewise, you probably thought that lyrics like "Jack, get back/Come on before we crack" and "Geez, Louise/Blow me off of my knees" were just Loggins' absurdly lame attempts to sound energetic, right? Little did we know, but the song was actually a direct plea to Jimmy Buffet's two most senior Parrotheads, Jack and Louise. And when Loggins sang "Cut foot loose," he was literally asking Michael McDonald to cut ... his foot ... loose.

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