Monday, July 4, 2011

The '80s Tape: Playlist Version

Now that the complete track listing of The '80s Tape has been posted (I assume you are still recovering from its blinding magnificence), I am going to attempt to satisfy the request of a certain loyal Cosmic American Blog reader by putting together a "playlist" version, so that readers can, in effect, listen to these YouTube clips as if they were listening to a genuine mp3 mix. In certain cases, I have swapped out video clips with non-video clips that feature higher sound quality, in order to improve overall listenability. Let's see how this works:


Peter Matthew Reed said...


Little Earl said...

But Peter, tell us how you really feel.

Little Earl said...

YouTube just took down my original video for "Yah Mo B There." I replaced it with another one, and if they take that one down as well... yah mo b seriously pissed.