Thursday, November 11, 2010

Discography Rediscovered

Now that my final semester of school is wrapping up and I've got some more time I thought I'd inaugurate my return of leave with a new series. In "Discography Rediscovered" I'll be dipping into my music catalog and highlighting select albums that I used to listen to much more. Some of these albums may have stood the test of time, others might be silly or just plain bad. And be forewarned: Most of my teenage years were spent listening to 90's industrial and alternative rock.

I was taking a listen lately to some albums I used to listen to in high school and was contemplating my teenage-self's musical tastes. One thing I've noticed is that I find most of these albums are still damn good. I'm not sure if that's due to me having liked them previously or if these albums are actually good. Regardless, I'll point out some of my old favorites and see how they fly. First post in the series coming soon!


Little Earl said...

Hey, this wasn't posted on Thursday...

Just a hunch, but I am anticipating some KMFDM. Now you've got me thinking. Do I still like the albums I used to listen to in high school? Hmm. The Beatles and Pink Floyd. The answer is yes. I'm trying to think of the most embarrassing album I used to listen to in high school. Oasis' Be Here Now? Even that's got some redeeming qualities. Nope. My taste in music has always been perfect.

Also, what do you suppose is playing in that teddy bear's headphones?

Herr Zrbo said...

It's weird that the date that gets posted is the date the composition started. Is there something we can tweak to change that?

Yes, there'll be some KMFDM discussion! Woot!

I think the teddy bear is listening to this.