Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hey Come On, Did Charlie Watts Ever Direct A Movie? I Didn't Think So

I consider Marc Bolan, lead singer/songwriter/guitarist/mystical hippie sorcerer of the glam rock band T.Rex, the greatest "bad" lyricist of all time. Some quick examples:
On a mountain range
I'm Dr. Strange
For you
I've got stars in my beard
And I feel real weird
For you

Shady politician in my bed
Tying bolts of lightning to his head
Call me Rabbit Fighter, you know it's true
'Cause babe I'll rabbit fight all over you
I wouldn't have been too interested in a 1972 film about him, however, if I hadn't learned that said film had been directed by Ringo Starr. That's right, the man who could barely even write his own Beatles songs directed a feature film - in 1972. Suffice to say, Born To Boogie is the greatest movie ever directed by Ringo Starr. Let me ask you this: did a film by Alfred Hitchcock ever have:

A) Ringo Starr dressed up as a mouse?
B) A dwarf eating a driver side mirror?
C) Marc Bolan singing "Children of the Revolution" as a disembodied floating head in Elton John's piano?
D) Ringo Starr dressed as a circus clown?

That's what I thought. In reality, Born To Boogie is really just a concert movie with a couple of bizarre little bits on the side. But what bizarre little bits they are. I think if Marc Bolan was born to boogie, I was actually born to watch this YouTube clip.

Note: if you're not in the mood for a smoking live version of "Baby Strange," I recommend skipping to the 2:30 mark in the clip above.

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