Friday, July 25, 2008

Stump Speech

I've never read the New Yorker before, but I caught a link to this great (fake) stump speech. It sounds like Obama, in fact I'm pretty sure some of the lines are ripped straight from him, but the farther you read the sillier it gets. I especially like the Sammy Hagar reference:

"I’m talking about the middle-aged man from Monterey, California—a Mr. Sammy Hagar—who told me, “I can’t drive fifty-five.” To tell the truth, I never had the good fortune to meet Sammy face to face, but we did have a long and fruitful one-way conversation through my car stereo one night during a Classic Rock Block."

Just read it thinking of Obama's voice as you do and I think you'll get a laugh. And yes, it contains a Halo reference (a pretty accurate one too).

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