Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scorsese + Stones = My Complete Indifference

As my latest entry in the ongoing series one might conceivably refer to as "Movies Or Albums I Criticize Before I Actually See Or Hear Them," I thought I would hone in on an easy target and speculate on the potential quality of the new Scorsese/Rolling Stones IMAX movie, Shine A Light. Now let's think for a minute. This has got to be another one of those classic "Be careful what you wish for" artistic couplings. Like Brian Eno and Paul Simon. Or Leonard Cohen and Philip Glass. I mean, I might have been excited to see a Martin Scorsese/Rolling Stones collaboration. About 30 years ago. But at this late stage in the game, call me cynical, but something tells me this will not be a major artistic breakthrough for either party. Scorsese recently seems to be trying to fulfill every pop culture geek's wish list of "cool things Scorsese should do," which of course automatically renders every project he touches anti-climactic. "Dude, Scorsese should do a Jack Nicholson movie!" "Scorsese should do a Dylan documentary!" What next? Scorsese, Coppola, Lucas, and Spielberg make the world's ultimate special-effects mob movie blockbuster? I mean he can do whatever he wants but don't expect me to be all hot and bothered about it. I will say this, though: it's an inspired coupling for an interview.

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