Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let The Games Begin

Don't tell me I'm the only one excited about the official start of the baseball season (if by "official," of course, we mean "random game in Japan while the real season actually starts next week"). Before the rosters have even been finalized I'm going to go out on a limb and call the entire season right now.

Little Earl's baseball power rankings:

1. Red Sox (terrific young players, veterans who are still productive, "curse" long gone - the team to beat?)
2. Tigers (really underperformed last year, best offense in the game, pitching might let them down though)
3. Indians (playoff experience should help them out, haven't lost too many players to big money)
4. Mariners (improved starting pitching, if Vidro/Ibanez/Sexson live up to their slugging potential, look out)
5. Mets (With Santana and solid offense, will dominate in a weak league)
6. Angels (Guerrero and Anderson getting old, pitching will be inconsistent)
7. Diamondbacks (guys are young, Webb and Haren best one-two punch in NL)
8. Blue Jays (they always seem to have promise but AL East is tough)
9. Rockies (great hitters, pretty good pitching staff but they probably got lucky last year)
10. Yankees (still a good team but 12-year run over)
11. Phillies (Will hit like beasts but no pitching)
12. Padres (didn't find any better hitters, pitching amazing, should combine with Phillies and together they'd be unstoppable)
13. Braves (still trying to rebuild, Smoltz, Glavine getting old)
14. Reds (new manager Dusty will give them shot at Central)
15. White Sox (won't be as bad as they were last year)
16. Brewers (need better pitching but hitters will rake)
17. Cubs (no real team identity)
18. Dodgers (Torre on board but otherwise bleh)
19. Royals (turning things around a bit)
20. Nationals (same here)
21. Giants (this is probably optimistic but hey)
22. Cardinals (lost in a sea of fog)
23. A's (will be as bad as they always seem like they should be)
24. Rays (won't be the worst team in Florida)
25. Orioles (check back in three years)
26. Twins (worst season in a long time)
27. Astros (ouch)
28. Rangers (yikes)
29. Marlins (why bother?)
30. Pirates (ladies and gentlemen, the toilet)

AL East: Red Sox
AL Central: Tigers
AL West: Mariners
AL Wild Card: Indians

NL East: Mets
NL Central: Reds
NL West: Diamondbacks
NL Wild Card: Rockies

NLCS: Mets over Rockies
ALCS: Tigers over Red Sox

World Series: Tigers over Mets

Now. I dare you to prove me wrong, Major League Baseball. I dare you!

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