Friday, February 22, 2008

If I Didn't Write For This Blog, I'd Still Read It

From IMDB:

Springer Says He Wouldn't Watch His Show

Jerry Springer has admitted that if he weren't hosting his daily talk show, he "wouldn't watch" it. In an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News, Springer remarked, "I get it. I get why it's entertaining. But I'm 64 years old. If I were in college, I would probably like it." Springer made his remarks at West Chester University prior to a lecture on TV's effects on pop culture. His show, he said, has "no redeeming value" and subjects are selected for their "outrageous" potential. "People come on our show to get attention they don't have in their regular lives," he acknowledged.


herr zrbo said...

Hey, aren't we gonna get some sort of 'pre oscar predictions' or are you just deferring to Ebert?

Little Earl said...

All right, whatever:

Best Picture

What Will Win: No Country For Old Men
What Should Win: Michael Clayton
What Should Have Been Nominated: Zodiac

Best Actor/Actress

Who cares, measuring the quality of acting is a mostly ridiculous exercise and it doesn't really serve a useful function.

Best Director

Who Will Win: Coen Brothers
Who Should Win: Julian Schnabel
Who Should Have Been Nominated: David Fincher

Best Adapted Screenplay

Who Will Win: Coen Brothers
Who Should Win: Ronald Harwood (Diving Bell and the Butterfly)
Who Should Have Been Nominated: You know what, I need to see the rest of the nominees before I even throw the smack down.

Best Fart out of a Producer's Ass

Who Will Win: Harvey Weinstein
Who Should Win: Brian Grazer
Who Should Have Been Nominated: Jerry Bruckheimer

k'd cowan said...

What about all those myspace film producers... there should be an award program for them too -- amateur awards. That'd be fun.