Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Antonioni R.I.P.

From EuroScreenwriters.

"S: You mean, then, that it is man's fault and not the fault of the environment that he can't adjust, is miserable, etc.?

A: Yes. Modern life is very difficult for people who are unprepared. But this new environment will eventually facilitate more realistic relationships between people. For example, that scene, that great puff of-not smoke-steam that blasts out violently between the two characters. As I see it, that steam makes the relationship more real, because the two men have nothing to say to each other. Anything that might crop up would be hypocritical.

S: OK. But isn't it also possible to say that they can't speak to each other because their environment deprives them of an inner life to communicate?

A: No. I don't agree. In that case.... Wait, let me think it over a moment. I think people talk too much; that's the truth of the matter. I do. I don't believe in words. People use too many words and usually wrongly. I am sure that in the distant future people will talk much less and in a more essential way. If people talk a lot less, they will be happier. Don't ask me why. In my films it is the men who don't function properly-not the machines."

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Little Earl said...

Here's who's next:

Sidney Lumet - 83
Jean-Luc Godard - 76
Milos Forman - 75
Roman Polanski - 73
Woody Allen - 71

But Bergman and Antonioni were SO overdue.